uses for vaseline

Intensely moisturizing and mild sufficient for even probably the most delicate pores and skin, petroleum jelly can be utilized in a dizzying variety of methods! As we speak I’ll be sharing a few of the finest makes use of for vaseline with you, together with fairly a number of which might be actual lifesavers if you’re in a bind!

However earlier than we dive in to that checklist, I wished to shortly clear up a few of the confusion relating to the security of vaseline and/or petroleum jelly.

A Be aware About Security

On account of the truth that petroleum jelly is a byproduct of petroleum manufacturing, many individuals declare that it comprises cancer-causing compounds. However that isn’t really true!


Vaseline, the biggest producer of petroleum jelly, purifies their jelly three totally different occasions throughout the manufacturing course of. This ensures the ultimate product is freed from impurities, together with something that would trigger most cancers.

Based on the EWG’s Skin Deep Cosmetics Database, which ranks beauty merchandise based on how probably hazardous they’re, Vaseline will get a rating of 1, or “low hazard.” However for those who’re nonetheless not satisfied, my two-ingredient “non-petroleum jelly” will work simply as properly for any of the makes use of I’ve listed beneath! 🙂

15 Brilliant Uses For Vaseline

uses for vaseline

1. Lubricate Fridge Drawers

In case your fridge drawers aren’t gliding easily, opening and shutting them can get infuriating in a short time! However fortunately for us, all you want is a little bit of vaseline to repair it!

Unfold a skinny layer of vaseline on the outer edges of the drawer the place it slides alongside the observe. This added little bit of lubrication will assist your fridge drawers glide far more easily!

2. Heal A Chapped Nostril

It’s virtually unattainable to keep away from chapped pores and skin if you’re ceaselessly utilizing tissues to wipe or blow your nostril. (Irrespective of how mushy or lotion-packed your tissues of selection are!)

Making use of a little bit of petroleum jelly to the chapped areas of your nostril may also help immensely. Not solely will it assist heal the chapped pores and skin, however it is going to additionally assist forestall additional dryness and cracking too.

uses for vaseline

3. Cease Blister Ache

It occurs on a regular basis—you put on a brand new pair of footwear to an occasion, solely to appreciate that they’re supplying you with blisters an hour later. Having a little bit of vaseline in your bag could be a lifesaver on this scenario!

Simply apply a little bit of it to the world of your shoe that’s inflicting the blister. It’s not an ideal repair, however it may assist forestall the blister from getting worse earlier than you’re in a position to take away the footwear.

4. Make A Scrub

Just a little guide exfoliation may also help hold your pores and skin mushy and moisturized. Make a easy physique scrub by mixing collectively petroleum jelly and sugar (or sea salt!)

Scoop the paste-like combination into your hand and therapeutic massage it over damp pores and skin in a round movement. If you’re completed, wash your self off with soapy water and apply a beneficiant quantity of lotion.

uses for vaseline

5. Deal with Dry Paw Pads

Identical to our pores and skin can begin cracking if it will get too dry, your pet’s paws can get dry and cracked too. Ouch!

Deal with the dryness and assist heal the cracks by making use of a skinny layer of vaseline to the world. (It may well assist to make use of a recovery collar to maintain them from licking it off!)

6. Management Unruly Eyebrows

A dab of petroleum jelly can tame unruly eyebrows which might be decided to misbehave. These unruly brows will keep put all day, and look glossy and shiny as well!

uses for vaseline

7. Disguise Scuffs On Furnishings

Many seen marks and stains on wooden furnishings are induced by moisture points (both an excessive amount of or not sufficient). Apply a little bit of petroleum jelly to stains, rings, scratches, or scuffs in your wooden furnishings and let it sit for 24 hours.

The following day, wipe away any extra jelly and provides the world a superb polish. Good as new!

8. Forestall Dye Stains

Earlier than dyeing your personal hair or another person’s at house, seize your jar of vaseline! Smear it liberally round your hairline to stop wayward drips and splatters of dye from staining your pores and skin.

uses for vaseline

9. Soften Dry Lips

Apply a liberal quantity of petroleum jelly to your lips and let it sit for a couple of minutes. Then gently scrub your lips with a clear, mushy toothbrush and rinse clear.

10. Take away Gum From Hair

I believe that coping with a “gum caught in hair” state of affairs is a few kind of ceremony of passage for folks. It’s been years since I’ve needed to deal with that one, however I will need to have executed it half a dozen occasions when my youngsters had been youthful!

However eradicating gum from hair is among the finest makes use of for vaseline! All you need to do is apply it generously to the gum and the hair it’s caught to, then work it by way of together with your fingers till you possibly can slide the gum free!

(This additionally works for foolish putty, play doh, and all types of different issues youngsters discover a option to get caught of their hair!)

uses for vaseline

11. Unstick A Ring

So that you found the laborious means {that a} ring is simply too small, and now it’s caught in your finger. By no means concern! Simply apply some jelly to the world across the ring, then gently slide the ring forwards and backwards till you possibly can slide it off.

12. Squirrel-Proof Hen Feeders

Hanging hen feeders can entice all types of wildlife to your yard, together with artful, feed-stealing squirrels! In case your feeder is hanging from a submit, you possibly can coat the submit in a layer of vaseline as a squirrel deterrent.

When the squirrels attempt to climb the submit, they’ll simply slide proper off! And it gained’t trouble the birds, who can nonetheless settle comfortably on the feeder itself.

uses for vaseline

13. Deal with Dry Pores and skin In a single day

An intensive, in a single day jelly therapy is among the quickest and best methods to heal patches of dry or cracked pores and skin. Smear jelly onto any dry patches earlier than you go to mattress, and by morning, your pores and skin will really feel a lot softer!

14. Repair Sticky Bathe Curtains

In case your bathe curtain retains getting caught on the rod, you need to use a little bit of jelly to repair it! Simply apply a skinny layer of jelly to the highest of your bathe curtain rod.

Open and shut the bathe curtain a number of occasions, and it ought to begin gliding easily.

uses for vaseline

15. Add Shine To Hair

For these of us whose hair is on the dry finish of the moisture scale, frizziness and flyaways could be a frequent downside. Care for each points by dabbing a tiny quantity of petroleum jelly to the topmost layer of your hair!

And never solely will the jelly make flyaways keep put, however it is going to additionally add an enviable shine to your hair!

What are your favourite makes use of for vaseline?


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