For most people, housekeeping can be quite the a chore, especially if you lead such busy life that you hardly have time for yourself, much less keeping your house in order. Or if your house requires so much cleaning that you’d rather just have someone else do it, or you just have a ton of reasons why getting a London house keeper is the next best thing for you. However, hiring a London house keeper doesn’t mean you want just anyone to waltz into your home in the name of cleaning. Like most homeowners in London, you want a professional housekeeper you can trust to get the job done thoroughly when you are not there. This is why, when hiring a housekeeper, there are certain qualities you must look out for. We’ve helped you put together top five qualities any good housekeeper London must have. Here they are:

Someone you can Trust

We’ll be honest, nobody wants someone they can’t trust in their home, which is why it is important to hire a housekeeper you wholeheartedly (or to a large extent) trust. The last thing you want is someone making away with your valuables while “cleaning” your house. This is why it is also necessary to hire your housekeeper from a reliable and trusted cleaning company. This allows you to hold the company accountable should something happen to your property while cleaning. If you have a housekeeper you can trust, then you can go about your day’s business without any worries.

Your Housekeeper has to be Fast

An excellent housekeeper should be able to deliver a flawlessly tidy and clean house in a reasonable time, at least less time than you would take to deliver the same result. You want a housekeeper that’s fast and can clean your house as quick as possible without cutting corners.

Someone you can Rely on

Ever scheduled a cleaning appointment with your housekeeper, only to come back home at the end of the day to find that they didn’t show up? Let’s face it, nothing can be more frustrating than coming back from a long day of work to a messy house, all because your housekeeper didn’t show up to clean. Finding a London housekeeper that wont disappoint you can be challenging, but they are out there and we have the best of the best. One quality you need to look out for when hiring your housekeeper is reliability. You need to be sure that if your housekeeper says they’ll show up by 9:00am to clean, they’ll be there by 9:00am to get the job done.

Must be Efficient

A good housekeeper knows the right tools, products and techniques to use to deliver astounding results. You should only hire or keep a housekeeper who can clean your home to your taste and incorporate all your cleaning requirements seamlessly.

Must be Flexible

You need a housekeeper that can accommodate your extra cleaning needs. Whether you need a random quick clean because your friends are coming over or a clean up after hosting a party. You want to be able to bank on your housekeeper to show up when you need them to apart from their regular cleaning days.

So, if you want the best housekeeper London for your home, be sure to scout for a housekeeper that has these five qualities to get your money’s worth.