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Carpet cleaning seems easy, but considering the fact that they are always in contact with the soles of our perspiring feet, we know that they require a lot of attention. Have you ever noticed that no matter how hard you mop your carpet floors, flies still seem to stick around and perch all over them? This is because your basic cleaning method only cleans the carpets on the surface and not well enough to actually make them dirt free. High Power cleaning services has the solution.

We have specialized equipments that actually get rid of these stains without compromising the quality of your carpet. Carpets don’t have the same structural integrity as rugs or tiles, so if you apply too much pressure on them, it would cause the designs on them to fade or even worse, wear and tear.

We have specialized equipment and cleaning agents such as spot removers and steamers wielded by our skilled cleaning team members to eliminate both the visible dirt such as pet hair and tiny food substances and the invisible ones such as even smaller food particles and body waste. Our methods preserve the quality of your carpet and leave them smelling fresh as new.

Our services are efficient, professional and available to both commercial and residential settlements. Our work plans are customized to fit your schedule so that you don’t spend more time on inspection than you need to. You can count on our team to be professional and as discrete as possible in cases such as offices and industries.

High Power cleaning services also specializes in other cleaning projects such as furniture cleaning, mattress cleanings, bond back cleaning, window cleaning, tile grout cleaning and so much more. Get in touch with our office today to get a quotation for your cleaning needs. You can also get more information about our range of services and plans that fit right into your schedule.

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