End of Lease Cleaning Melbourne

We understand that at the end of lease, both the property manager or owner and the tenants simply want to move on. As a tenant, your expectations are to leave the house spotless and collect your full bond, while for the property manager; you simply want to get the house back on the market as fast as possible for clients to rent. For this to happen, the house has to be left in a perfect living condition which means it has to be as clean as it was when it was leased.

At High Power Services, we ensure a smooth transition of this process for both parties involved. Most of the time, tenants think they can get this done by themselves, but the repercussion of that is usually a complaint from the property manager that usually leaves them stranded and their bonds forfeited. We understand that it’s our job to stop this from happening. To be clear, we are both in favor of the property manager and the tenants. Therefore, as long as it’s a cleaning issue, we make sure it’s wiped off, literally.

Why should you hire us for your End of Lease Cleaning?
• Leave the Job for the Professionals:

As a property manager or a tenant, you have better things to do than to try to prove how good you are at cleaning. It is not recommended that you go through this process alone especially since you have something of value on the line. As a tenant, you need your bond back, while property managers need the apartment to be good enough to attract new clients. Would you rather handle this with your amateur experience or let the professionals do all the work at an affordable rate?
• 100% bond back Guarantee

As long as it is a cleaning issue, we make sure that there is no conflict with your bond. No matter how little you think you’re paying, we go all out for you because our reputation means more to us than a few bucks. Our staff members are well trained and equipped with the appropriate tools for the job.
• Increase in Property Value

Real Estate is a very lucrative business and this works in your favor as a property manager if the apartment is well managed. At High Power Cleaning services, we ensure that the value of your property is at least maintained, if not increased.

High Power cleaning services is one of the most notable cleaners Melbourne has to offer. So, give us a call today and get your property cleaned.For more information on High Power Cleaning please visit us here