End of Tenancy Cleaning Melbourne

The End of Tenancy is usually a stressful period for both property managers and tenants. During this period, managers are on the lookout for new tenants to continue payment to them for their apartment, while the tenants are caught up with finding a new apartment, packing and unpacking and more importantly, getting their bond back. No real estate agent is willing to spend money to repair an apartment every time the lease is up. Therefore, it is part of the agreement that the house has to be precisely in the same condition as it was when you rented it. If you violate this agreement, you won’t get your bond back.

At High Power Cleaning services, we aren’t just cleaners in the mere sense of it. We are cleaners with purpose. We understand that you aren’t just trying to get the place clean for yourselves. We go the extra mile to ensure that it passes every cleaning inspection your property manager intends to do so that your bond will be returned to you.

This establishment has been in operation for over 20 years and during this period, we have had the opportunity to work with different home owners and tenants from several parts of Australia. Therefore, we have the experience and man power to make sure that everything goes according to plan.

Our staff members are also equipped with the right tools to make the work possible and easy for them, and more importantly, approved by the property manager. We have the right equipment for different elements in the apartment such as oven cleaners, carpet cleaners, wood cleaners as well as other essentials. We have our personal and highly trained inspectors who double check after our service has been rendered to make sure that our work is good enough for you to get your bond back. Therefore, you can’t go wrong with us.

High power cleaning services doesn’t only work for end of tenancy and bond guarantees. If you need your carpets cleaned or other things in the house for regular maintenance, give us a call and get a quote. For more information on High Power Cleaning please visit us here