Going out in the bush with the family is one of the oldest traditions. The chance to get outdoors and away from everything and everyone provides an excellent opportunity for families to connect. Whether you go out in the middle of summer or camping year-round is more your style, having warm, durable gear is essential. A thick blanket is one of the first things most people purchase.

When you go off into the woods to be alone, then you need items that withstand weeks of use. The materials and comfort factor are important when you need a blanket that will break the chill whether you are fishing, grabbing a cup of coffee, or sitting in front of the fire. Everyone loves a thick cover when the cabin or tent is cold.

If you travel or hike a lot, then keeping simple first aid and emergency items on you is an enormous deal. A thick blanket for times when you may find yourself stuck overnight in the elements may mean the difference between life and death. A blanket that is warm yet lightweight is helpful when you hike many miles a day.

For those of you in a rush to make your purchase, we recommend the Ektos wool blanket. While there is nothing fancy about this cover, it resists fire and does not mildew. Plus, you are less likely to get a big zap from the static-resistant material.

Comparing the Top Five Wool Camping Blankets

Desert Breeze DistributingAlpaca Warehouse EthnicWoolly Mammoth Woolen CompanyAlpaca WarehouseEktosSize84 by 63 inches -twin82 by 62 inches – twin66 by 90 inches – large87 by 60 inches – twin66 by 90 inches – largeColorBrown and tan stripesPatterned grayGrayBeige, brown, and gray stripesOlive greenWeight5.09 pounds3.59 poundsabout 4 pounds4.79 pounds4 poundsMachine washableYesNoNoNoYes1. Desert Breeze – Best Soft Blanket

Does a trip to the cabin include snuggling up with your favorite blanket? The Desert Breeze wool blanket is one of the cushiest products on our list. This cover uses the finest materials from animals that live in high altitudes. This lifestyle gives the animals a luxurious coat that they can only get in these conditions.

Product characteristics and specifications

50 percent alpaca wool and 50 percent Merino wool from the Peruvian Andes MountainsSuper soft texture versus other wool productsDurable stitching with extra seams and polyester trimBrushed fibersEasy to clean by blotting spillsHeavy material is calming for some usersAppealing patternNo-itch designCons

Best to clean with a wool cleanerOnly wash in cold waterSun dry or air dry with no heatCannot agitateBuyer Remarks

Most consumers are happy with the soft feel and earthy colors of this blanket. They appreciate the handmade product. Some buyers even find an errant piece of straw in the fibers. One perk is the sturdy edge material that protects the wool and keeps it neat.

Our say

We have to agree with buyers that this blanket is great to have around the lake house. When you want to get warm after a day of being outdoors, then this cover is the first thing you may want to grab. The handcrafted construction means the Desert Breeze blanket will last a long time.

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2. Alpaca Warehouse Peruvian – Best Lightweight Blanket

When you head away from civilization on foot, you want gear that is functional and light. The less weight you have to carry, the more you will enjoy your trip. Alpaca Warehouse reduces the weight of the blanket by using a thick thread instead of extra material along the edge. The durable seams hold up to sitting on logs and being near the heat of campfires and wood stoves.

Product characteristics and specifications

Genuine Peruvian woolBlocks the wind yet stays comfortable to prevent you from baking when near a fireWhip-stitch edgesWeighs just over three-and-a-half poundsExcellent for tossing on the back of a chair or in a backpackWarm enough for power outages and cold climatesCons

Must wash by hand or take to the dry cleanersNot as thick as some wool blanketsBuyer Remarks

Most people say this blanket does not make them hot and itchy like a lot of wool covers you find on the market. This product is thin, according to some consumers, but most say the blanket is excellent for breaking the chill from the air. Buyers say the blanket sheds, so the loose hairs can get aggravating at times.

Our say

We think this blanket will make an excellent throw for cuddling up to someone special next to the fire. Whether you use it indoors or out, this cover is big enough to share. The Alpaca Warehouse Ethnic blanket also doubles as great insulation from the damp ground when you want to go on a picnic.

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3. Woolly Mammoth – Best Self-Cleaning Blanket

When you need a rugged blanket that you can toss in your pack and head out to be alone, then the Woolly Mammoth cover is appealing. This blanket needs no washing to keep it tidy. Whether you are a survival expert or an enthusiastic trekker, a product that can keep up with your lifestyle is important. The double stitching along the edge of this item will help you get years of use out of it.

Product characteristics and specifications

Pure wool from Merino sheep – premium wool for soft texture and warmthDurable constructionFantastic as a wind blockerIncludes synthetic strengthening materialsPremium milling design minimizes stainingNo chemical additivesRepels liquidsExcellent for taking to outdoor movies or to go night fishingCons

May be itchyCannot machine washBuyer Remarks

This blanket is toasty, according to many buyers. Sitting on a rooftop terrace or next to the water at night is no problem, most say. Many people like the manufacturing process for this item because the diamond pattern resists messes and damage.

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The Woolly Mammoth blanket is our go-to for protecting our sleeping bag. When we sleep under the stars, this item goes on the ground to prevent rocks and twigs from poking and prodding us all night. Additionally, we like to keep this blanket in the trunk so that we have a cover handy for holiday cookouts and fireworks.

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4. Alpaca Warehouse – Best Wind-Blocking Blanket

When your weekends consist of sitting in the bleachers no matter what the weather, you want a cover that will protect you. The Alpaca Warehouse blanket naturally prevents wind from getting through because of the curly nap and naturally thick fibers. The best part is you will not get hot and sweaty when using this blanket.

Product characteristics and specifications

Beautiful patternMade in PeruBreathable fabricNatural tones for blending in when hunting or wanting to stay out of viewHalf alpaca wool and half premium sheep’s woolThick edge material prevents frayingDouble seamsCons

Almost five poundsNot as affordable as some options on our listBuyer Remarks

Nearly all consumers say they are extremely happy with their purchase of this Peruvian textile. The blanket uses a special weaving process that keeps the fibers tight enough to block the wind while still allowing extra body heat to escape. Most say the sizes run exactly to the inch, so you may want a larger size if someone hogs the covers at night.

Our say

We appreciate the premium materials in the Alpaca Warehouse blankets. These wool covers are great for anytime you feel a chill. You can use them indoors or out. We like the weight for staying warm when camping.

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5. Ektos – Best Emergency Blanket

You never know when your car may break down, or you get stuck in the wild overnight. Having essential first-aid items like blankets can save your life. People with vacation homes need these covers in case of power outages or other emergencies. The heavy-duty construction of the Ektos survival blanket is serious protection when you need it.

Product characteristics and specifications

Machine washTight weave for blocking out the elementsRugged style and manufacturingMinimal staticResists fireNo scratch designNo chemical treatmentsKnotted seams prevent damageExcellent as a pillow or using in a camper, tent, or cabinCons

Will shed the first time in the washMay aggravate allergies if sensitiveBuyer Remarks

Many consumers feel this product is effective and worth the cost. They say it holds up to lots of use. Backpackers appreciate the durable weave. The only problem a few report is a chemical smell upon opening.

Our say

We like this blanket as part of our emergency travel kit. Whether we are in a vehicle or on foot, this product is what we want in case we are stuck in the cold. Our favorite part is that you can wash this in the washing machine, but you might want to keep paper towels handy to clean out the leftover fibers from the Ektos survival blanket.

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Top two questions about wool survival blankets

Can you wash these blankets in the washing machine

While some of the items on our top five list are safe for washing machines, most of the blankets are dry clean only. One of the blankets will clean itself, so you do not have to do anything but dust it off and dry it out.

Are these blankets 100 percent wool

A couple of the items use only a mix of alpaca and sheep’s wool. However, there are a few items that use a mix of primarily wool with polyester or nylon materials.
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