How to Remove Vomit Stains & Smell from Carpet? Nothing can be worse than having your carpet stained by your baby or pet by vomiting on it when you have invited some of your friends in the evening. In this situation, you will have to clean your carpet immediately to remove vomit stains as well as the smell from the rug.

But if you do not know how to remove stains and smell of vomit from your carpet then you will have to read this write-up until the end. Actually, proper cleaning of the carpet is necessary to remove the smell of vomit from it as it can faintly smell even after a few days of cleaning stains from it.

Though you can call a professional carpet cleaning service for this purpose if you do not have time then you can follow the tips discussed hereunder to clean the stains and smell from your rug at a faster speed.

Cleaning vomit out of the carpet instantly

When your pet or baby vomits on your carpet then you should, first of all, you should clean the vomit out of the carpet immediately to avoid staining and smelling on it. You should clean the vomit from your carpet as soon as possible so that it may not settle down into its fibers. If you will leave the vomit on your carpet for some time then it can reach its inner layers and its smell can persist there for a long time.

To clean your carpet you may need a pair of dishwashing gloves, a plastic bag, a spoon, and a garbage bag. In order to remove vomit from your carpet instead of touching it with your naked hands, you should wear your gloves. Now you can scoop off the vomit from the rug and throw it into your garbage bag by using the spoon. Now you should prepare a mixture of hydrogen peroxide or white distilled vinegar and water and pour it into a spray bottle. Now damp the vomit affected area by spraying the solution on it. Now take a towel to blot the affected area to remove the remnants of vomit stains and smell in the carpet.

If your carpet has a stinky smell of vomit then you can spray hydrogen peroxide or white distilled vinegar directly on the spot and blot it with a dish towel or microfiber cloth.

Removal of vomit smell settled into the carpet

Animals usually hide their vomit at ordinary places so that one cannot notice it easily. In this situation, you can find vomit done by your pet even after a few weeks of its happening. Though it may make it difficult to remove the smell of vomit from your carpets but it is not impossible.

You can recover your carpet just by dampening its affected area with the solution of white distilled vinegar or hydrogen peroxide to pick up the vomit easily from it. You may damage your carpet if you will try to pick the vomit seeped and dried deep into the carpet. So it will be better to dampen the vomit before picking it up. In this way, you can not only remove the vomit from your carpet easily but also its smell.

Cleaning the vomit you cannot clean instantly

Sometimes people leave vomit on the carpet as the last item to clean while cleaning their home for an event. But if the vomit is not cleaned from the rug immediately then it becomes difficult to remove vomit stains and smell from it. However, you can still clean vomit from your carpet by using a vacuum cleaner, baking soda, and towel along with the materials and tools used in the method discussed above in this write-up.

Now to remove dried up vomit from the carpet you will, first of all, have to pour baking soda on the affected area. Now, put the towel over the area where baking soda was poured and allow it to stay there for at least 15 minutes. Then you can clean up the mess easily by vacuuming it up.

After removing the dried up vomit stains you can spray the mixture of hydrogen peroxide or white distilled vinegar to remove the smell from your rug. But you should not leave baking soda on your caret otherwise it will discolor it.

Thus, by following the tips provided in this write-up you can easily remove vomit stains and smell from your carpet.
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